Hotels nearby Manor Farm Buildings/Watery La, Weymouth DT3 5DP, UK

The Old Stable

Approximately 0.32 km away
Address: 693 Dorchester Rd, Weymouth DT3 5LW, UK

Greenhill Beach

Approximately 0.35 km away
Address: 24-2 Beech Rd, Weymouth DT3 5NP, UK

North Manor Meadow Holiday Villas

Approximately 0.46 km away
Address: Watery Lane, Weymouth DT3 5QD, UK

Roosters Bed and Breakfast Upwey

Approximately 0.48 km away
Address: Watery Lane, Upwey, Weymouth DT3 5QD, UK

Cooke Lettings

Approximately 0.5 km away
Address: Ingleside, 1 Old Station Rd, Weymouth DT3 5NQ, UK

Homestay & Venture Breaks Ltd

Approximately 0.59 km away
Address: 43 Nightingale Dr, Weymouth DT3 5ST, UK

Caravan Hire

Approximately 0.71 km away
Address: Two Trees, Stottingway St, Weymouth DT3 6BU, UK

Jasmine Cottage

Approximately 0.95 km away
Address: 32 Church St, Weymouth DT3 5QB, UK

Windmill Cottage

Approximately 1.04 km away
Address: Laurel Lane, Upwey, Weymouth DT3 5LZ, UK

Riverhouse Inn

Approximately 1.07 km away
Address: Church St, Weymouth DT3 5QB, UK

Upwey House

Approximately 1.42 km away
Address: 75 Church St, Weymouth DT3 5QE, UK

Wey Valley House

Approximately 1.67 km away
Address: 1 Goulds Hill Cl, Weymouth DT3 4LG, UK